The Best Way To Market Your Business on Facebook


Last week Tiffany Zeitouni asked our experts for help via our Business Advice Clinic, on our Facebook page.  She posted the following question:


What’s the best way to market your business on Facebook? 


Below are our top tips 

Create a business page on Facebook

This helps drive people to your website and turns your followers into fans and fans into customers. It gives you another platform to engage with your audience where you can easily share pictures, articles from you blog, and also ask and answer questions. It is also a great customer service tool where you can deal with any questions or problems your customers may have, which will strengthen your relationship with them and means you can answer them immediately rather then them having to wait.


Posting rule of thumb

If you share 4 posts in a day, one should be used to promote your product or service. Facebook shouldn’t be about selling however, and is much more about engaging with your audience so post interesting, fun and relevant content that your audience would like to see and will ‘Like’, comment, share and click on.  If you create posts that your audience engage with through ‘Likes’, comments and clicks you’ll strengthen your reach by showing up in their news feed, so when you do decide to promote and sell your products, these posts will also show up in their news feed. So it’s important to build engagement with all of your posts.

It’s also important to be consistent and regular with your posts. Use the schedule button to forward plan your posts for the week ahead but be sure to schedule them to run at a time when you know your audience will be online and checking Facebook. You can test this by posting at different times of the day and checking to see which post gets the most reach.


More about Engagement

Getting people to engage with your content doesn’t have to be difficult. The important thing is to be visual and include images in all of your posts. Here are a few examples of the types of posts that work:

Quotes with images.

Teasers – everyday for a week post a clue to something, then on the 5th day post the answer.

Tip of the day.

Promoting something that is free, like a free guide or webinar.

Fun questions or statements asking people to ‘Like’ it if they agree.

Ask people for their opinion – for example if you run a fashion clothing website, you could ask people which outfit they would prefer to wear for a beach wedding – showing two images.


Keep your content on Facebook

Don’t continuously aim to drive people back to your website through post links as many people like to stay within Facebook to read your content or watch your videos. This is especially important when asking people to sign up to your email mailing list, so add an email sign-up app to your page.


Building an Audience

You can promote your page and website using the ‘Build Audience’ drop-down at the top of your Facebook page, where you can create targeted ads. But the best way to advertise your business is through unpublished posts. Follow the steps below:



Before advertising on Facebook you have to figure out what you want to achieve. What is your goal? It’s important to be strategic and intentional about your campaign. Do you want people to sign up to your email mailing list or ‘Like’ your Facebook page so that you can build a relationship with them by sharing content that will help them and from there turn them into paying customers. Or perhaps you want people to buy your products or services directly from seeing your ad.



You then need to create a strategy for achieving your goals. How will you get people to sign up to your email mailing list or to ‘Like’ your page? A good way to do this is to offer something for free such as the opportunity to download a free guide, eBook, access a free webinar or podcast.

If you are directly selling your product or service perhaps you could promote a special offer or discount (although you want to avoid being too salesy as this is a big turn off).



Once you have figured out your strategy, you will need to figure out what page you are driving them to once they click on your ad. Do you have a strong lead page? Lead pages are specifically designed to get you sign ups and sales. have a great selection of lead pages that convert well, but they can be pricey, so do look around for cheaper alternatives or get a web developer to create a lead page for you (if you are unable to code yourself). What visuals and text will your audience respond to?



Targeted Facebook ads are fantastic and mean you can choose who sees your ad depending on their age, gender, location, interests etc. You can also use custom audiences using your existing email database or using a list of people who have already visited your website and even target lookalike audiences, which are people like the ones who currently follow you. The founders of Morphsuits, a business that used only Facebook to grow their brand and that has now amassed almost 1.5 million page ‘Likes’ said “Target popular Facebook pages that have a similar offering to yours.” So for example, if you have a fashion and beauty store or website you could target Facebook pages such as Zoella, Dulce Candy, Pixiwoo and Tanya Burr who are all popular fashion and beauty vloggers with a large following.  Or if you are targeting working mums, you could select working from home, mumpreneur, self-employed etc from within interests and hobbies.


Ad Copy

Put yourself in your customers shoes; if you were this person what would make you click on the ad? If you were the one with the problem, what words would make you take notice? What mindset are you in? What are you going through? What do you want? What will you get from clicking on the ad? And it’s always good to ask yourself if you would follow you?

Avoid sales talk and speak to your audience in your own normal tone of voice as if you were speaking to someone in person; in a human way. Tell them what they will be getting if they click on your ad. Include a strong call to action. What image will they be drawn to? Images with a text overlay work really well but remember to abide by the 20% rule (your text shouldn’t take up more than 20% of the image). Try using Shuttershock for Dollar Club or images and use Pic Monkey to edit with them text.

Create new copy for each give-away you have and try split testing your ad with slightly different wording or a different image to see what copy your audience most responds to.


Using the Power Editor

The most effective type of ad is one that appears in people’s newsfeed as a suggested post. You could create a Facebook post then choose to advertise that, or create an unpublished post to advertise from within the Power Editor. Choose how much you want to spend each day and for how long you want your campaign to run (try $5 a day for 7 days), but keep monitoring your ad throughout the week to see how it’s performing.


Run a competition

Competitions are a great way to engage people on Facebook and get them involved. The prize should be directly linked to your product or service in some way, for example if you have your own jewellery collection you could run a competition calling for someone to design a piece of jewellery that will be named after them and sold on your website. Install an app on Facebook such as to manage your campaign.



Whatever you do on Facebook be it a post, competition or ad, always be sure to include a strong call to action. If you want people to ‘Like’ your post, ask them. You have to tell people what you want them to do.


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  • February 11, 2016


    Good tips from your community! Building a business on Facebook is a decent way to quickly and cheaply get off the ground. I would say that if you set up a landing page to capture leads, it’s worth the investment to purchase a domain name. It builds trust with customers and then you’ll have it if you’d like to launch your own site in the future. You can get one for just a few dollars.

    And speaking of landing pages, an alternative builder is Great tool that has all the power and even more flexibility to truly get your creative on. It also boast the best analytics in the industry to truly test components of the landing pages and interpret results to optimize for higher conversions!

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