How To Get More Traffic and Customers

More Traffic And Customers


If you want more traffic and customers you firstly need to ensure that you’re targeting the right audience. This is the biggest mistake start-ups make. You must narrow down who your customer is and create a detailed profile of them, so that you’re able to say when they were born, how old they are, whether they’re married or have kids, where they live, what they watch on TV, what publications they read, what concerns they have in life and what problem you’re solving for them. You can’t appeal to everyone otherwise you’ll end up appealing to nobody.



If you want your product or service to really stand out and attract attention, you must differentiate yourself from everybody else. Communicate your Unique Selling Points (USPs) in absolutely everything that you do from Facebook ads to your website description.



Write a blog. Be aware that blogs shouldn’t to be used to sell to customers; they’re meant to be engaging, entertaining, topical and fun. They give your brand credibility and people only buy from credible brands they trust. What’s your area of expertise? What would your customers be most interested in knowing or reading about? How can you make your topic fun and engaging? People aren’t going to visit your site or follow you on social media if your content is dry and boring. Your blog also shouldn’t be about you and your business but about your customers, their wants and needs and how you can meet them (benefits).



Often businesses will reserve special offers and gifts to incentivise new customers, but what about your loyal customers? It takes more time, money and effort to sell to a new customer than it does to resell to an existing customer. Providing they had a good experience the first time around, it’s important to not overlook this group. Send your most loyal customers a birthday gift to show that you haven’t forgotten them and that they still matter to you.  

 Sephora White Card Birthday Gift 2014


Take action now. If you have an email database, use it! Stop planning and start doing. If your customers don’t hear from you at least once a month, they’ll forget about you. Don’t think you have to only contact them when you have something amazing to share with them. Contact them with an inspirational quote, or a funny anecdote or picture.   Keep in contact to stay relevant.



Incentivise visitors and customers into introducing you to their network of friends by offering them ‘refer a friend’ discounts and special offers, or even better, you could ask people to ‘pay’ for your valuable eBook or special guide by tweeting about you. You can do this via the Pay With A Tweet website. This acts as a fantastic referral system and encourages customers to share your site and your message with their followers in return for exclusive content.

Pay with a tweet


PR your business effectively by writing a slick press release and sending it out to as many national publications and news stations as possible.

Below are 7 top tips for writing an effective press release:

  1. Give your press release a short punchy heading that draws the reader in for more. Nobody cares if your business has just launched. What’s the hook? Why should the media be interested?
  2. Start the press release with 3 or so lines about the problem and your solution.
  3. Keep it interesting and engaging and find the narrative, although journalists will more than likely skim read it so don’t add too much fluff. Write it as though you were writing a synopsis of the feature to be published and keep telling yourself ‘so what?’ after each sentence, to validate its usefulness to the press release.
  4. Include any facts, figures, quotes or testimonials.
  5. Have a strong call to action.
  6. Try to keep your press release to around 250 words. 
  7. Add images



If customers or potential customers show interest in your business or request any information, whatever you do, make sure you follow up with them. If you do you’re losing a huge opportunity to make a sale. Make it easy for people to buy from you!



Once you’ve driven people to your site, offer them something of value that they have to sign up for, because people aren’t going to just give you their email address in return for nothing; the last thing they need is another email clogging up their inbox. Offer them a free guide or eBook or online tool kit in return for their email address. Once you have their email address you can continue to engage with them but be warned, it’s just as easy for someone to opt out of an email as it is to opt in, so make your emails targeted to your audience and ensure they’re fun, interesting and engaging.



Use targeted Facebook ads to drive traffic. Make sure you use ‘sticky’ grabbing headlines that people simply have to click on for example: 10 reasons why start-ups fail.



Include a money back guarantee in your offer and people will be more likely to buy from you because they feel reassured, especially if you haven’t yet built up your reputation and are still small and unknown.



Do regular and consistent internet marketing. There are over 2 billion websites in the world so the only way people are going to find you is if you go there and drive them back to your site.  Use Google Pay Per Click and use Google Ad Words to target specific audiences, use SEO to ensure you appear high up in search engine searches, and use Facebook ads and competitions.



Host webinars or Meet Ups to get closer to your potential customers. People that sign up to your webinars or attend your events will be people that are interested in your business so use this opportunity to offer them exclusive discounts and special offers at the end.




Create business partnerships. You could sell your services to large corporations and have them promote your products and services to their staff. Many large organisations are now tuned in to promoting the health and wellbeing of their staff and are open to promoting special offers to them.



Deliver more value than the customer is paying you for. People feel good about purchasing something if they feel they’re getting excellent value. It makes people feel good inside and they are more likely to share it with their friends, family and network.



Guest blog on other popular sites and ask other popular bloggers to guest blog on yours. This will allow you to drive their loyal following to your site and gain some credibility by association.



Use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ to share your posts and find new connections.



Develop and run a well thought our social media marketing campaign. Think about using videos and hashtags to extend your reach. Research has been done into what makes campaigns shareable and it was found that if it makes you think, laugh or cry, people want to share it.



Build good track back links. The process of creating links that point to your pages from other pages from other sites is a fantastic way to drive traffic. If you get a trackback listed on a blog with a huge amount of traffic, you will receive a steady stream of people clicking on your link. Trackbacks are also great for Search Engine Optimization.

Create a list of high traffic blogs then write a post that includes a reference to one of their most shared posts and include a link. If they have trackbacks and pingbacks (which most of the big sites will have installed) then you will get a link directly back to your site. If your link is featured on one of these high traffic sites, your site will benefit from their exposure.



Optimize your site for search engines by using keywords in your headings and within the first paragraph of your content. Search for keywords relating to the subject matter you are writing about, using Google Keyword Planner.



Promote yourself as a public speaker. A great way to get new people interested in your business is if they see you knowledgeably speaking at an event. Draw them in with lots of useful information and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to sell to them. Offer people at the event a special discount or a free guide to accompany your talk – they just have to give you their email address first!



Add your business details including your website or blog address and social media handles to your email signature. You can’t imagine how many emails you send out in a week all of which is an opportunity to direct people to your site.



Use call to actions at the bottom of all of your blog posts, videos and social media content. If you want people to share your content, ask them. If you want them to visit your site, give them the link. If you don’t ask there is a chance you won’t get.



Sign up to all of the major social networking sites such as Reddit which has more than 135 million unique visitors each month, Pinterest, Tumblr and StumbleUpon.



Use Google Analytics to identify where most of your traffic is coming from, so that you can stop wasting time with platforms that don’t generate any traffic for you on concentrate on the ones that do!



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