How To Convert Website Visitors Into Paying Customers

convert website visitors to sales

It can be frustrating if you have spent time and money on a well thought out, targeted advertising and marketing campaign, which has driven people to your site, but their just not buying. It’s like you’re leading a horse to water but it simply won’t drink, and you can’t understand why.

Knowing that it could be something as simple as the landing pages you are leading them to can change the face of your business and can be the difference between you making money and not.

Whatever marketing or promotional activity you are doing whether on your own site or across other platforms, it’s a big (but common) mistake to simple send people through to your home page when they click on your ad, button or link.

Not having a specially designed landing page will be one of the main reasons why visitors are not converting into paying customers. Good landing pages are the most important pages of your entire website and will directly correlate to how many sales you make.

It’s not enough to just have one strong landing page; you need to have multiple landing pages within your site to drive whatever call to action it is you are pushing – be it sign ups to your email database or sales of your product or service.

Below are our top tips for creating strong landing pages with high conversion rates.



Make each of your landing pages tailored to your different offers (only 1 landing page per offer). When planning what to add to your page you need to think about what your end goal is; what do you want to achieve? Do you want people to sign up to your mailing list? Then this should be your main objective and the call to action that you use.

Think about who your audience is and what type of offer they will respond to; what will they find useful, informative and relevant?



In order to get people to part with their money or email address you have to present a real problem that they have. There is no point wittering on about yourself and what you offer – this isn’t about you it’s about your visitors and potential customers. Write about them and their problem and then offer them a solution i.e. your product or service. Whatever it is you are offering, it has be benefit the reader, be relevant and hold some value.



You don’t want your landing page to be text heavy; you only want to have top line, essential information written in an engaging way. You have around 8 seconds to grab someone’s attention once they land on your page; their eyes will skim over the bits that stand out (such as headings, sub headings and images), and only if they are intrigued will they read on; if they click on to a page with lots to read they simply won’t bother and will leave almost immediately. The aim isn’t to bore people to death! Be fun, funny, witty and engaging with your content.



Your landing pages (like the rest of your site) should be well presented, of high quality and sleek and clean in design. Nothing puts people off more than a poorly designed website. Only use two or three font sizes max (for the heading, subheading and main body), and stick to the same font style throughout.

Use good quality high resolution images that draw the eye; cheesy stock photos should be avoided at all costs.



You want to create strong headlines that tells people what’s on your page i.e. Free Baby Sleep Guide. It needs to be strong, relevant and enticing. Use a subheading to give a little more information; but this is still meant to entice people to read on.



Add a sign up form or button on the page (don’t ask people to click through to another page – everything should be done on the same landing page). Don’t ask for too much information; instead make sign up as simple as possible.



Add a video that is hosted on your landing page; don’t drive people away to another page or to YouTube. Video’s (if done well), can be engaging and will help to focus people on your message.

Your video should be no more than 2 minutes long and should be used to either sell your product or get people to sign up to your email database. A video should be instead of text on your page, not as well as.
Add easy to use social media share buttons so your visitors can share your page/video on their social media pages to get you more exposure.

Add a big sign up below your video which visitors can click which will open up a pop up where visitors can enter their details to be added to your mailing list, or call it a buy now button which takes visitors to your product page or shopping cart.



Make your call to action clear by using bold lettering and coloured sign up buttons. Although you want your call to action to be in keeping with your design, it still needs to stand out and be easily identifiable.



Add case studies and testimonials from satisfied happy customers. This adds credibility to your site and also makes people feel safer.



Add payment symbols to your page such as PayPal, Visa, Mastercard etc. to represent whatever method’s of payment you accept on your site. This also gives you credibility and makes people more likely to trust you.



Once people sign up or buy from you, send them to a ‘Thank You’ page to thank them and to give them further instructions for example, you may want to ask them to check their email to confirm their email address in the email that you have just sent them; or you may want to tell them when their product will be sent to them and if a receipt has been emailed to them; or you may just want to say ‘Thank You’ and ‘Come Again’.


Below is an example of a good landing page





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