How To Stop People Unsubscribing From Your Email List

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Email marketing is still a really effective way of reaching your customers without spending lots of money.  People will only give you their email address if they think there is going to be some value in it for them, like signing up for a free guide or eBook, or wanting to receive regular updates and information from you. But keeping hold of your subscribers can be just as challenging as getting them in the first place.

How do you stop people from unsubscribing from your email list? Which they will do if you send them too many, or if your emails are boring, not relevant or you continuously try to sell to people. Ultimately you want people to not only open and engage with your emails but to also click through to your website or blog, but this can be an extremely challenging thing to do.
Below are our top tried-and-tested tips showing you how to stop people from unsubscribing from your email list.



Before you start designing, writing and sending your emails, you first need to know what you want to achieve; you have to know what your objective is. Do you want to drive traffic to your website? Do you want to establish a relationship with your audience and build a loyal following? Do you want to position yourself as an expert within your industry and become a trusted source of valuable information?  You need to first understand what you want to get out of these emails before you can effectively plan your content to achieve this goal.



Figure out who your audience is and what they want and need. What will they find value in? What can you send them that will help them in some way? It’s important to keep your content relevant to your business, so if you are an online magazine like us, your subscribers are going to be interested in your content. If you are a retailer subscribers will want to know about your products or how they can use the products they have already purchased from you. Send your top tips, share your videos or product previews, special offers, competitions or reviews.



Design your email newsletter so that it fits in with your brands look and feel. Use a free email marketing system like Mail Chimp, Campaign Monitor or Litmus which are really easy to use, have great templates and allow you to track open and click through rates. Use your logo and the same font and colours as your website where possible, to ensure consistency. Make it look attractive by using images and don’t be too wordy. Emails are about teasing people with information so that they click through to your site to read more, and should be kept short and to the point. People have to be able to scan your email for the information they need so it’s important to use headings and subheadings and small paragraphs. You can also use clickable images with text overlay as well as adding hyperlinks that direct people back to your site. However, remember to add the words ‘click here’ to your images to let people know that they can click on it. You can use PicMonkey to add text to your images.



Be mindful of the language you use and don’t come across like a pushy sales person. Don’t use sales language like ‘Limited time offer’ or ‘Buy now to avoid disappointment’. Use the right tone of voice for your audience and write like you would speak; don’t be wooden or too professional and add some personality and humour. Nobody wants to read emails that are dry, boring and serious. Speak directly to your ideal customer, get to the point quickly and above all be friendly and human. Don’t be a company speaking to the masses; be a person speaking to another person.



Create a short and enticing subject line that makes people want to open your email. Use no more than 50 characters and avoid using colours, exclamation marks and capital letters as these are usually sent to the spam box. If you are signed up to MailChimp they have some great tools  to help you test out effective subject lines and words. The best subject lines are always simple and to the point and they let the reader know what’s inside the email.



Most people read their emails via their mobile phone so do make your emails mobile friendly.



Monitor your open and click through stats to discover the types of emails your audience most responds to. You can do this via the email marketing system you choose.



Send regular emails but ideally no more than once a week; and try to send them on the same day and at the same time each week so that your audience gets used to receiving them routinely.



Add a call to action to all your emails. Tell people exactly what you want them to do – click through to your website, download something, watch a video, vote, share etc.

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