How To Increase Sales

Knowing how to increase sales and profitability is the holy grail of business. But instead of looking for ways to get more customers to come to you, here are three ways your products and services can reach more customers.


Sell through multiple channels. Instead of simply selling via your website or store could you sell across other platforms to extend your reach? Think about how many customers visit sites such as eBay, iTunes, Amazon and Etsy. Having products available through multiple venues will put your business on your audiences radar. As consumer awareness rises, your profits can increase considerably.


Sign up to relevant affiliate networks and partnerships which allow your company to obtain new sales leads by increasing your distribution channels. Ensure your affiliates and partners are relevant to your business and audience and investigate whether it would be possible to gain access to your partners mailing list.


Create a ‘White Label’ version of your product or service to sell to other companies so that they may customise it with their own brand. You don’t have to get involved in any other aspect of the product once you have sold it, which allows you to focus on developing your own brand.


Undertake a serious PR and marketing campaign. There is a lot of credibility that can be leveraged from impartial PR coverage in the press, and you gain access to large audiences and readerships. Paying for ads doesn’t work but editorial is great for boosting sales, building your credibility and growing your brand name. You should focus on PR above any other type of marketing to drive sales.

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