How To Make Engaging Content Online: 5 Top Tools To Use

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For those of you just starting out in business it’s unlikely that you’ll have huge pots of money to spend on creating ads, videos or content. In an ideal world you would employ a designer, a PR agency and a video production company to create all of your material, but there are now a number of fantastic online tools that are easy to use that will help you to create professional quality content yourself. Below are our top 5.


ONE – Editorial

Contently brings together a network of 40,000 vetted professional journalists and content creators such as designers and video producers from the best publications around the world. You pay a monthly fee for these professionals to create, distribute and optimize content for you.


TWO – Recording Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to build up a fan base and drive sales, but is still a relatively untapped resource, overlooked for more traditional methods such as blogging and vlogging. Most smart phones have the ability to record high quality sound, whilst apps such as WavePad for Android or TwistedWave or SoundCloud allow you to edit them for free.


THREE – Videos

No need to go out and spend money on expensive camera equipment when smart phones, especially iPhones, have great camera technology that allows you to film high quality video footage.  You may need to invest in a little UV camera light to brighten your frame and possibly a clip on microphone to get a better sound quality (these can costs as little as £3 on Amazon). You can then use video editing software such as iMovie which makes it super easy to splice together footage shot in your iPhone or iPad. You can add titles, music, voiceovers and photos. If you don’t have an iPhone then you could use VidTrim or Video Maker Pro Free.


FOUR – Images

The Dollar Photo Club is the newest and most cost effective way to find royalty free images that you can use in all of your content and marketing; each image costing just $1 each. You can edit these images to add text, graphics, borders and backgrounds by using PicMonkey, which is another free image editing tool (although you will have to pay for more advanced options).


FIVE – Infographics

Data visualisation is a great way to share your content, especially via social media sites such as Pinterest and Facebook. They are extremely popular and people love sharing them so it’s worth investing in. Sites like Piktochart and are great sites that allow you to create professional and polished visuals.

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