Quiz: Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Successful Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneur quiz

Taking the leap and starting your own business is a huge commitment, but what if entrepreneurship isn’t for you?  You dream of starting your own venture but what if the reality of running your own business doesn’t suit your personality?

Take our quiz to find out if you have what it takes.

Choose the statement letter that most closely applies to you. Then scroll down to see the ‘Results’ to find out if you were born to be an entrepreneur.

1. Your office is hosting a press party and are running behind schedule. The interns need help getting the goody bags ready before the guests arrive, do you

a. Down tools and help out. A lot is riding on this event and you know you can whip these interns into shape and get it done in no time.

b. Show them how to get it done quicker. But you can’t help out as you have to go get ready, this is your big moment.

c. Ask the interns to move into another room to finish the bags so that the guests do not have to see them as they come in.

2. You have been living on a tight budget for the last 3 months, but really feel like you deserve a treat, do you

a. Buy a family sized bar of chocolate and settle in front of your favourite movie. Bliss.

b. Spend £200 on a new pair of the most amazing shoes you have ever seen. You have lots of events coming up so you’ll get good wear out of them.

c. Invite the girls round for a debauched night of vodka cocktails and Beyonce. Everyone needs to let loose every once in a while.

3. You have identified an opportunity to diversify your business, and although you have calculated the costs and risks involved, you are still not 100% sure it will pay off for you, do you

a. Hold off. There’s no point rushing in to it if you think there’s a chance you might fail.

b. Pursue other areas to diversify into.

c. Go for it.

4. A client of yours is building a new app and has asked you for your input, do you

a. Apologise and be honest and say you don’t have any experience with creating apps so can’t help.

b. Say you can help where you can, but don’t have much experience with apps.

c. Ask the client what they need, read through everything you can find on Google, then outsource the help.

5. Your idea doesn’t seem to have taken off as you had thought it would, do you

a. Worry that you are doing something wrong and read all the business books you can find.

b. You have plenty more ideas that you can work on and develop.

c. Go back to the drawing board to figure out where you have gone wrong and what exactly isn’t working, then set about fixing it.

6. Your customers seem to be moving more towards purchasing online, but you have no experience with eCommerce, do you

a. Stick with what you know for now and see what happens down the line. Not everyone buys online.

b. Employ someone to create your eCommerce site.

c. Learn everything there is to know about eCommerce sites and how they work and what’s involved, then set up a basic site yourself to test the waters.

7. Your business is doing well and you are making good money, do you

a. Carry on doing what you are doing. Why change anything?

b. Take a well deserved holiday.

c. Reinvest the money into the business and look at immediate ways you can capitalise on your success, diversify and grow the business.

8. You want to go into business for yourself because

a. You want to be in control. You’re tired of not having your say in how things are done.

b. You want to be rich and successful.

c. You want to do more with your life.

9. You have been invited to speak at a networking event but are busy working on your website, do you

a. You’re not good at public speaking so politely turn them down. Besides what would you talk about?

b. You jump at the chance. You love being the center of attention and start planning your outfit.

c. The website can wait. You prepare your presentation and look at ways you can sell your product or service to these people.

10. A business conference is being advertised, featuring high profile speakers and workshops to help new business owners learn more about things such as social media marketing. All of your peers have signed up, do you

a. Ignore it. You haven’t got the time nor the money.

b. Buy a ticket. You can always leave after the networking. Workshops are not your thing.

c. Buy a ticket and order a new box of business cards. You are eager to learn as much as you can, and meet as many influential people as you can.


Mostly A’s

You can be a bit of a worrier and have a tendency to lean towards perfectionism. You must fix this, as your need for things to be perfect could ruin your chances of success. Whilst you aren’t short of good ideas and are good at managing your finances, you sometimes have a hard time with uncertainty and risk taking, and aren’t always comfortable self promoting. You have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, you just need to invest in yourself, perhaps by taking a course to update your skills, as this will give you the confidence boost you need, and will minimise the risks. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, remember it’s the journey not the end goal that matters.

Mostly B’s

You need to make sure you choose the right idea for you, because you can get bored or side tracked easily. You need to be 100% committed and passionate about your business, because you will come across hard times, and without that drive and commitment you will lose interest. You are definitely a leader and risk taker, and you are comfortable talking about yourself, but you need to think ahead and continue to evolve your ideas. Manage your money wisely, those shoes can wait! Work hard, have fun and enjoy what you do, and success will follow.

Mostly C’s

Congratulations, you were born to be an entrepreneur! You are a natural born leader bursting with ideas and unwavering passion. You are comfortable taking calculated risks and have real drive and determination to make your business work. You have no problem starting from the bottom and getting your hands dirty or learning from others. You want to be the best in your field, and you see your future clearly, striving for success and financial freedom. Don’t worry, you are heading in the right direction.

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