Are You Ready To Be A Business Owner?

Starting your own business is no walk in the park. On a daily basis you’re guaranteed to face a number of highs and lows and will often feel incredibly vulnerable, overwhelmed and fearful. You’ll doubt yourself and your idea and will often take one step forward and two steps back, and will be challenged beyond belief. So why does anyone put themselves through it?

By starting your own business you’ll ultimately be giving up the perceived security of a regular job with a guaranteed pay check at the end of every month. Instead you’ll be thrown into this new world where you will have to master a number of tasks and wear a number of different hats without a guide or a manual to help you along the way.

You need to be really ready for this challenge because you will be faced with a number of hurdles to overcome, and will need to be resilient, driven and determined. Of course it’s only human to have fear and doubt, but you can’t let this drive you. The rewards of owning your own business can be fantastic and life affirming and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner, however you need to remember that all of those vulnerable, fearful feelings are part and parcel of being an entrepreneur. It’s what every entrepreneur feels and deals with on a daily basis (even the most successful ones).

Unfortunately, there isn’t a roadmap for success and every business is different, because the person behind every business is different and unique.

Go easy on yourself and try to have fun along the way. Don’t pressure yourself into meeting any unrealistic self-imposed deadlines. Know that there is no such thing as perfect, so be kind to yourself and know that you’re enough and that you can make anything happen! Think positively, visualise and focus your mind on your end goals.

Starting your own business is not a destination, it’s a journey that will teach you so much and will make you a stronger more learned person, with the added bonus of creating the life you always dreamt of.

Fear of Failure

Most of us don’t even realise that our negative attitudes and fear of failure are the root cause of why we’re not succeeding. We can show you all of the tools and tricks in the world, but if your mind is predisposed to thinking negatively then it’s just not going to work.

The universal law of attraction teaches us that we can create our lives with our every thought. If you think positively you magnetise good things into your life. The other side of that is that if you think negatively, you will call negative things into your life. If you fear failure, you’ll continue to draw that into your life. It’s a fact that like attracts like!

Watch This

If you have a fear of failure then watch this inspiring video from Jia Jiang who teaches us all to embrace rejection rather than to fear it, and encourages us all to go and out and actively seek failure if we want success.

Jia Jiang from Chris Guillebeau on Vimeo.

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