The Damaging Effects of Negative Thinking

negative thinking

Thinking negatively happens in all of our minds throughout any given day. Anything can trigger it, from battling public transport in rush hour to bad customer service or even how we speak to ourselves, all of which can affect how we feel. But exactly what long term damage is all this negativity doing to us? How harmful can it actually be? The truth is it can be extremely damaging.

An experiment done with living plants in a controlled environment shows us that the energy behind out thoughts, feelings and words actually emits a frequency that alters our physical state of being.

Have you ever encountered a friend or colleague that complained tirelessly about their life, relationship or job, but stopped short of doing anything about it? They seem to bathe in their misfortune rather than finding solutions and would prefer to simply stay put and moan about their situation. Or are you one of these people that seems hopeless about certain situations, but prefers to settle with your lot and enjoy sharing the downtrodden way you feel? Perhaps it’s your relationship or weight or business that you’re unhappy with. Regardless; whatever you think about has power and there is a cause and effect for every thought you put power behind.

“You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.” Joyce Meyer, Author

Either way these feelings can and will drag the best of us down. It’s one thing to share how we feel with friends but the constant negativity without action can, on a long term basis, actually affect us whether we’re hearing it or whether we’re the ones projecting it. As a scientific experiment done with plants in a controlled environment has shown.

In 1999 an experiment was done where six plants were sprouted and grown in the same environments at the very same time. Upon reaching maturity, 3 of the plants were placed in a separate room with the same conditions as the other 3 plants. Except, Room A, as we will call it, was subjected to a barrage of negative talk on a daily basis, at the same time as being watered. Room B however, was given nothing but positive, loving words whilst being watered.

Over a 30 day period the plants were subjected to those controlled conditions and nothing except the negative or positive words differentiated their care. Over the 30 day period the plants in Room A started to shrivel, wilt and ultimately die. Whilst the plants in Room B thrived, grew and blossomed into adult plants.

The experiment had shown that over a sustained period of time, negative words and feelings had physically inhibited the growth of a living plant.

This proves that the negative energy that we omit during these dark periods of negative thinking and feeling could not only have a detrimental effect on our wellbeing, but the wellbeing of others.

To test this theory further, an experiment on rice was carried out. A Japanese theorist cooked two pots of rice separating and labelling them Positive and Negative. After 20 days of negative or positive talk, the negative rice had visibly moulded a lot more than the positive rice.

For the sceptics out there, Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese Author and Entrepreneur, devoted years of his life proving that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. Emoto’s hypothesis has evolved over the years. Initially he believed that water takes on the “resonance” of the energy which is directed at it, and that polluted water can be restored through prayer and positive visualisation. He found physical evidence which showed that the molecular structure of water changed with the positive or negative energy (thoughts and feelings) it was subjected to. You can see more about his work here.

What these scientists and theorists have shown us is that, the thoughts, subsequent feelings and words we emit on a daily basis can physically affect not only our bodies, but the molecular structures of everything around us.

This gives us new thought over the power of collective prayer, of people wishing someone well, but also shines a light on the damage negativity can have on our own health and wellbeing, as well as of those around us.

If you live with sustained negativity (and many of us don’t even recognise that we have it in us), it can be harmful to our health and wellbeing, whether we are emitting it to others or saving it for ourselves. The results are the same in that it will slowly be the ruin of us. It will affect our health, our happiness and all that we are.

The words that we say to ourselves and others have a powerful affect, whether it’s on plants, rice or humans. Positive words with good intentions encourage growth and abundance. On the other hand, negative words and emotions can physically destroy and rot what is around it.

Think again before you sit through another meal with a friend who continuously sucks the energy out of you. But also be aware of your own thoughts, feelings and words. Do you mean to hurt or put people down or is it coming from your subconscious? Perhaps you’re hurting yourself with your own mean words. Is your inner dialogue mean or kind? How many of you refer to yourself as fat when you look in the mirror? Perhaps you wouldn’t dare dream of saying that to another person so why say it to yourself?

But it’s not just what we say that matters, but also what we think, as this is where the energy comes from. If positive visualisation manifests greatness in our lives, imagine what our negative thoughts can do.

If you habitually think great things of yourself and of others around you, the world (your world) would be a much better place. Change your thoughts and you can actually change your life.

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