Trial Your Product or Service Before Launching

Before launching your business it’s important to test drive a minimal version of your idea in it’s simplest form to discover if it works and what changes need to be applied before you take it to market, and there are easy ways you can do this starting today.

Trial your product/service and ask someone to pay you for it

You don’t need anything in place just go out and do it and see if you can get paid for it. The idea is to take a minimum version of what you can put out there, trial it, adapt it, trial it again and so forth. Let your idea naturally grow and develop.

The easiest and quickest way to do this is to send an email around to family and friends, in turn asking them to share your email with their extended contacts, offering your product or service in return for a minimal fee. Use your elevator pitch as inspiration for your email which should be short, clear and to the point. Be honest and tell them you’re launching a new business and would like their valuable feedback. It may be that tweaks need to be made to your offering in order to better suit your niche. The information you gather will be invaluable to you so make sure you ask them all that you need to know.

Start it small then grow it. Get it into the world and see how people respond then look at how you can make it bigger and better. Once you have people’s interest you can start making money from it. Remember the value is in what you’re offering not the fluff around it such as websites and business cards. Put your basic idea together and sell it to someone.

Is your idea good enough and will it make you any money?

The truth is there are very few ideas that cannot be turned into a successful business with the right product or service development, the right targeting and insightful marketing using the audience intelligence you gathered. Your idea is good enough, now go forth.

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