How To Use Trackbacks To Boost Your Web Traffic

Andrea Raffin

Your blog is unlikely to attract a huge amount of visitors in the first few months especially when you’re still finding your feet.

To build any kind of following the most important thing to consider is your content. Content is still king. We can list a number of unpolished websites where the content is stellar and the traffic numbers high.

You also need to be consistent with how regularly you post and you need to run a great marketing campaign.

But whilst you’re building a following, there is a quick and easy way to drive large traffic numbers to your WordPress blog and that’s via Trackbacks.

Trackbacks are links from a post within your blog to other external posts in external blogs. They inform external sites that you have linked to their pages and if they have trackbacks enabled on their site; a link back to your post will appear at the bottom of their page.  Assuming that is, that the other blogger doesn’t consider your post to be spam; your post should show up in their comments.

Trackbacks are largely used to drive traffic to your site and are great for link building and SEO rankings.

Below are 5 top tips for using trackbacks.



Make a list of all the relevant high traffic sites you would like to draw visitors from and start linking to them in your posts. Make the link relevant – you want the reason why you are linking to their page to make sense to your readers, although it doesn’t have to be the main focus of your post.



In WordPress, Trackbacks are automatically in built but you should check that they have been enabled. Go to ‘Settings’ then ‘Discussion’ and make sure the default article settings have all been ticked.



Always link to one of their posts not to their home page, even if you’re generally just mentioning their site.  A trackback won’t be sent if you do.



If they don’t have trackbacks enabled on their site you can still direct people to your blog post by leaving a comment and a link at the bottom of their page within their comments section.



Be careful of spam links that are sent to your site. If you are in any doubt, click on the link and visit the site for yourself. We wouldn’t recommend publishing their links within your comments without checking, just in case.


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